Getting started with Second Opinions is easy!  You can be on your way to placing a Centers of Excellence order in just a few minutes.


First, Register yourself with Second Opinions through the Prudential Second Opinions site using the register button in the upper left hand corner

Or click to Register now!


Next, create a username and password and enter your name and birthdate:

Finally: Enter your Order details being as specific as possible:


Once you have submitted your information it will be assigned to the appropriate Center of Excellence.  If more information or clarification is needed, our staff will contact you.  Please allow 48 hours for processing of all Centers of Excellence orders.  


Login to your account to review your orders:

When you are logged in, your name appears in the right hand corner.  Click “My Account” You will see 3 tabs:


Account information: Update your account information at any time.


My Medical History: Edit your Medical History at any time


Order Information: View your order details, status and Download complete reports.

Contact our 24 hour support staff for assistance or if you have questions.