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By Definition A center of excellence (CoE) is a team, a shared facility or an entity that provides leadership, best practices, research, support and/or training for a focus area.


Medical Centers of Excellence services provide you with a higher standard of health care by providing a dedicated team of Specialists. Each center of Excellence has a set of diseases they specialize in treating. Centers of Excellence offer packaged services in the continuum of care with full treatment services.

What is the purpose Purpose of the Centers of Excellence program?

COE programs provide superior care in their respective Specialties of Excellence. These programs provide multidisciplinary collaboration between departments, such as Orthopaedics, Physiatry, Rheumatology, Radiology and Physical Therapy. Programs in the Center of Excellence provide the atmosphere which integrates clinical care with teaching and research. Further coordinating clinical research to determine which treatment modalities yield the best results.


How a Center of Excellence can benefit me?

The atmosphere in COE hospitals provides an interdisciplinary approach to diagnosis and treatment. Therefore it is an efficient system for treatment of patients dependent upon their diseases, disorders and conditions. With the presence of multiple specialists, both surgical and nonsurgical solutions to patients’ problems may be explored. This combination of expert services results in an efficient use of resources and lower cost of services.

While Centers of Excellence Hospitals were borne out of a local need for both affordable and highly specialized treatment for specific diseases, they weren’t always easily accessible for all patients. Second Opinions is dedicated to bringing affordable high quality care to patients all over the world. Our Center of Excellence services bring you the expertise of these centers without the cost or hassle of traveling and the stress of investigation and coordination are completely eliminated.


Prudential Malaysia Centers of Excellence Expert Medical Opinions Services:


Second Opinions is proud to present our Centers of Excellence services to Prudential Malaysia PRUvalue med's customers. The value of a Centers of Excellence consultation service speaks for itself. SecondOpinions.com works with Centers of Excellence all over the United States. Each Center of Excellence has it’s own program or set of programs. For example:
For example, when a University has the appropriate resources they will develop several Centers of Excellence programs that benefit their geographical location and support research from the local University.  By involving health groups and the community to offer a superior form of care to patients and a better understanding of these conditions for both Medical and Scientific research.

For Example, Centers of Excellence will develop Programs like:
 Lupus Center of Excellence - The exact cause of lupus is unknown. Experts believe that lupus may be caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Lupus can be characterized by periods of illness known as "flares." It is also common for the disease to go into remission, or inactivity. Once a diagnosis of lupus is confirmed, our team develops individualized treatment plans to help patients manage the disease and lead a normal and active lifestyle.

Pancreas Center of Excellence - Pancreatic diseases are painful and debilitating. Causing symptoms including severe abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting, which are often discovered after the pancreas has already been severely damaged. As international leaders in the diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic conditions and diseases, the UPMC Pancreas Center of Excellence is setting new standards for pancreatic care.

The Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT) Center of Excellence of UPMC - a very rare disease - a rare genetic disorder that can cause sudden, catastrophic internal bleeding and stroke. This is the only worldwide advocacy and support group for the condition. The integration of the Pitt HHT research center with the UPMC clinical center will advance therapies as we strive for a cure.”




When you place an order with SecondOpinions.com for a Centers of Excellence Consultation your case information is made available to the Center of Excellence which best fits your needs. Your case will be reviewed by experts and you will receive an official medical report once your case analysis is complete.